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Rape War Stories

"I haven't fisted your daughter yet," I said as I pushed the rest of my hand inside her, "but I think I might try it tonight while the memory of your stretched, worn out cunt is fresh in my mind for comparison". It was more assisted suicide than murder.She felt revulsion and tried to twist away from him,but he just twisted her arm even more,forcing her to her knees. It had become obvious to me that Tillie was nothing more than a whore who could never really understand how much I loved her, no matter how many times I demonstrated it to her. "Where's my daughter you fucking pig?" I met her charge with a well placed fist to her face. Rape War Stories "Well," I announced setting on the edge of the bed and letting my hand rest on her trembling thigh, "I don't see any signs of obvious injury". His rhythm actually increased and I tried to meet each powerful penetration, driving my buttocks up, trying to pull him in even deeper in the hopes of easing the pain of his savage thrusting. "Do you remember a story you wrote, about the guy who starts real honest to God rape clubs?", Louis said, "well that what's inspired me to put together this this little party. Six large men who fit to a "T " my worst nightmares, and all six clearly intent on raping me, there could be no doubt of that now. Louis laughed. Rape War Stories "I was so sure of it," he continued, "that I wrote this contract for you to sign". "Your daughter is a hell of a better fuck than you". I must admit, I was a little sad as I walked toward the park where my little whore was plying her trade for my benefit. Nigger continued fucking my ass for what seemed like hours to me. date rape + video . I turned and watched as the building I'd just left collapsed a little more. Rape War Stories That last part was garbled but understandable as she tried to talk around my device.

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