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I let her scream, cuss, and call for help while I wrestled her last arm down to the bed and secured it with a manacle around her wrist. " I just need to to wet up my dick before I take that pussy", the man who must've been Louis said, 'C'mon Dawn, open up!!" Punctuating my reluctance with a blow to my stomach, my mouth opened to expel a groan and he thrust his hips forward and moaned as I gagged. dis' here Nigger man sho luvs this chance to rape me a virgin white ass,", the black man laughed. Just to satisfy my perverse nature, I found an old flashlight I'd left in the apartment, rolled the dead whore onto her side and pushed it up her dead ass until just the light portion of it was left showing. I doubted that the police would give her death any more than a cursory investigation. Forced Rape Pictures 1- The Slave agrees to perform whatever duties or physical acts, sexual or otherwise, requested or assigned to her by the Owner. If I was going to prove my love by caring for her I would have to get her back to my apartment before she woke up.He grabbed her left arm and pulled it up behind her back. I never intended to hurt her in any way. Then in a blinding burst of pain like I never thought possible, not even in the most improbable rape storues, he slammed himself thru my tight enterance and buried himself in my tiny body to the hilt, or so it felt. Forced Rape Pictures Since she refused to believe that I was only interested in taking care of her I was forced to reprimand her mildly across her cheeks twice with my open hand. slave stories video . That whole silly restraining order came about because I wrote her a long letter telling her how much I loved her and how I just wanted to make her happy.He had to feed himself into her real slow as she was dry,and her cunt hurt his cock a little. I was touched by this demonstration of her love for me. forced facial cumshot . She had blue eyes weighed 168 lbs. Forced Rape Pictures 7- The Owner reserves the right to require the Slave to preform any act, sexual or otherwise, that is not specifically proscribed by this contract.

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