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He pushed again and made hard thrusting motions into me intil he burried the head of his cock in my ass. 2- The Slave agrees to maintain at least a 3. central park rape video . He seemed to be energized as the tears streamed down my face partly from the pain and partly from the humiliation of what I was being subjected to. He slammed and rammed into me again and again and again and, lubricated with the blood from my torn muscles, he finally slammed the entire 12 inches of his hard black cock all the way into my ass. gary roberts comix galleries . I have no idea how long I fucked Tillie's ass and drank her blood, but when I finally came, holding my twitching cock deep inside her now well used ass while I emptied my cum into her bowels, I ripped a chunk of flesh from her right breast with my teeth which I chewed and ate in my orgasmic ecstasy. Extreme Forced Sex I could only truly love a chaste woman. Having already cum twice in a relatively short time I had practically no more semen to give her, but the cum despite the lack of jizz was the most intense of the day, leaving my head spinning while I hung onto her thighs for balance. adult lesbian rape . and that would have been a shame. My cock was still about three quarters hard so I began fucking again, gently moving it inside my little whore's body while she held onto my neck with both arms and moaned softly into my ear. rape preview movies . my spasming vagina pulling and clutching at his rock hard weapon of flesh. Extreme Forced Sex 5 or higher grade point average but the idea of being punished if it slipped was both disturbed and excited her. As far as I'm concerned I just put her out of her misery. I was sure the officer had seen us in the park several times and just wanted to collect a little non monetary bribe for allowing us to operate. I'll tell you it was really strange sitting on the bed as it rocked back and forth with my finger stuck all the way up Tillie's backside. You know," I picked up a couple of lengths of rope, "laying flat on your back is not really a good position for me to demonstrate my love for you". Extreme Forced Sex She fully realized that she would be signing away her right to say 'no', to anything.

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